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Kracie Popin Cookin DIY Japanese Candy - Kawaii Gummy Land

Kracie Popin Cookin DIY Japanese Candy - Kawaii Gummy Land

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The most fun you can have with Candy! Start by dissolving the primary colour powders with water and mixing different pigments to create new colour combinations using the mini palette!

On the largest area of the said mixing tray, place all of your gummy powder. You can now use any of the small moulds provided and push each on the flattened powder base. Use the mini dropper to get your different colours and transfer them carefully to your embedded mould. Wait for the coloured pigment to set and turn the powder into instant gummy candy!

Repeat several times using various moulds and colour combinations. Place them all on top of the included land sheet background to achieve your desired gummy world scenario!

You’ll get one set of random moulds from twelve possible designs and a random land sheet background out of seven prints. Perfect for both kids and adults!

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